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I don’t know if you guys saw my tweet earlier this morning, but it’s true. My lower back just suddenly decided to cramp up towards the end of my workout. I don’t even know if it was the muscle or — God forbid — some slipped disc or something. All I know is that it hurt the whole day and I was looking forward to getting a massage tonight.

I contacted our favorite home-service masahista whom we met from Asian Massage. She’s quite a big woman who isn’t afraid to knead our muscles HARD. I say our muscles because Jim loves massages as much as I do so we get one at least once every two weeks. We used to get one every week but we decided that was a little too much indulgence. Haha.

Unfortunately, our loyal therapist didn’t reply to my texts or answer my calls. It’s a bit hard to book a massage through Asian Massage (plus, their therapists are inconsistent) so I didn’t bother. Sad news, too, my favorite Phone-A-Massage closed down months ago. I used to imitate the suplado gay concierge to my friends’ amusement: “FONAMASADZ, HELLOHH?” *sigh* I will no longer hear his masungit no-nonsense voice.

The good news is, I remembered an app I downloaded back in March when I saw an ad on Facebook. It’s called Zennya and it literally looked like an Uber for massages. I feel like that’s what every business is trying to achieve now. Everybody wants to be “the Uber for something.” It was a no-brainer. I love Uber and I love massages. After a bit of research and mostly because of its beautiful interface (admittedly), I finally booked a massage through the app.

Screenshots from iTunes store

Screenshots from the Apple app store

Look how cute the design is!! The app currently offers shiatsu or swedish massages and lets you choose between a male and female therapist. Decide how long you’d like your massage to be and you can book your massage right away. My favorite part? It’s cashless! Here’s a true story: I messaged Jim asking him to withdraw money before coming home because I ran out of cash. Initially he agreed but after a few minutes he replied, “OH NO I FORGOT MY WALLET AT HOME!” LELZ. This exchange happened before I booked through Zennya. It’s also one of the reasons I remembered to use the app, because I knew they only accepted payments via credit card.


The app has a nifty little credit card scanner so I didn’t have to type in all my details. It’s SSL-encrypted which is tech-speak for DON’T WORRY, YOUR INFO IS SUPER SECURE. Before I could book an appointment, I had to register my mobile number and wait for a verification code. I don’t know why, but I had to click “resend verification code” because I didn’t get it the first time. Second time’s the charm because I successfully booked a masseuse named Ramona in just 2 minutes!

The app shows you a photo of your therapist and how long it will take for her to get to your place. Zennya said she’d get here in 23 minutes but she arrived in about 40 minutes. Pretty bad accuracy but, hey, I didn’t really mind because they’re a start-up on-demand service. Better than calling the usual massage agencies and always hearing that the next available therapist is not until 1AM.

Ramona didn’t provide towels but she asked for two — one to protect my sheets from oil and one for me. I prefer using my own towels for hygienic reasons but I assume some people expect towels to be provided. I was also given the option between scented (calming) and unscented massage oils. Like Uber, the therapist had to click “START” from her app before we started. Once she did, soft spa music played on her phone. Nice touch!

At first, I was ready to be disappointed because I was so used to my old masseuse’s hard pressure technique. But after a few minutes, I noticed she was applying just the right amount of pressure on all the right spots! Before our session began, I told her in passing that my lower back was hurting and she really focused on it! Turns out, all of them are licensed and trained therapists. Okay, I wish this was a paid testimonial haha but it’s not — I felt AMAZING after the hour-long massage. Even better than I did with my favorite heavy-handed masseuse. Heck, I feel great, it actually got me to blog tonight. Haha.

When the massage ended, the app asked me if I wanted to tip her 0, 50, 100, 150, or 200 pesos. I liked that there was an option for tips! It also asked me if I wanted to put Ramona under my “FAVORITE THERAPISTS” list so the app could match us next time if she’s available.

I asked Ramona if she came from another client before me and she said she came from Robinson’s Galleria. She said she used an Uber to get to my place! It made so much sense! They partnered with Uber, that’s why their app looks a lot like it! Super cool, I can’t get over it. Give it a try! It’s my first time to use their service and Jim is 5 minutes away from finishing his own massage from Ramona. I’ll let you know what he says when he’s done! Be wary though: Jim’s a tough critic!! I call him Jiminy Critic.

UPDATE: Jim says she was really good! Yay!!

Hope you’re having a relaxing Thursday night as well!!

Zennya currently services the following areas: Makati, Mandaluyong, BGC/Taguig, Ortigas/Pasig, Eastwood, Greenhills, Wack Wack, San Juan, Cubao.

RATES are as follows:
60 minutes – Php400
90 minutes – Php550
120 minutes – Php700

Download the app from the App Store.




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    May 6, 2016

    I felt really excited to try it out, too bad they don’t cater to QC! Hopefully in the future! Very amusing how they’re officially paired up with Uber! Technology keeps getting better and better na talaga! Thanks for sharing Saab!

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    May 6, 2016

    Jiminy Critic. Hahahahaha very witty!

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    May 6, 2016

    yung mga wrong send baka dahil sa mercury retrograde happening?

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      May 10, 2016

      Most probably hahhaa

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    July 27, 2016

    How to avail the P100 off?

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      August 2, 2016

      What 100 off?