Spell Saab

Like I already posted, on our way to Subic. I love the SCTEX!

Just got there, texting my mom using Mikko’s phone because I ran out of battery!

Before taking that picture w the tiger. Obviously scared!!

Yay! Those shoes I wore are Mikko’s birthday gift to me by the way! Yeah, Nike!

White baby tiger!

Iguanas in the serpentarium!

Evil looking chicken!

Kid kept chewing on my chewlaces!

Bunny foofoo!

Kept remembering that scene from Dude, Where’s My Car! Freaky haha!

Not sure what this bird is called but the tour guide said “it weel heet you on your head and it can keel you weeth eets bick!” I thought it was like the Roadrunner cartoon bec of the color and the guide said it was one of the fastest runners. But I just googled what kind of bird the Roadrunner is and it looks nothing like this. WLNG.

For Nyko who loves younger boys. COUGAR!

19 year old lion. It looked pretty lonely :(

Our guide, Luthy, with a camel.

You think it’s smiling? It shows its teeth when its angry!

Fed the birds!

This little one stayed with me even w the seeds were gone



Fed the tigers raw chicken

Hundred crocodiles

I love this sign hehe

Photos by Mikko San Pablo

December 10, 2009
December 10, 2009