Creating a Patreon Community | My Top Nine Moments of 2020

Jan, 05, 2021

As I write this, I have 39 people watching on an exclusive Instagram account.

42 now.


I just went LIVE on impulse and they all got instantly notified! It’s exclusive to members of our Patreon community.

Aughteh, what’s Patreon??

It’s a membership platform that allows creators to connect with their biggest supporters. Jim and I launched ours in November and we didn’t expect much from it but through your membership, we’ve been able to give to our partner beneficiaries.

In November, we donated all proceeds to the Kaya Natin Movement to help the thousands affected by the typhoons that hit us that month.

All of December’s proceeds went to the Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy Family Awareness Support Group Philippines, a group of parents who help each other out with tips on #NormalizedFeeding. There’s really a learning curve when feeding kids with special needs and a lot of Filipino moms and dads just need awareness and more information so that their kids can get the nutrition they need. Good nutrition is very important for the kids’ development. This beneficiary is one that I would like to support on a regular basis.

So thank you SO MUCH for the support!

And what do our Patreons/Podtrons/VIPodkids get in return?

  • Exclusive LENZZZ (Patreon’s version of Instagram Stories) updates of our family life
  • Biglaan livestreams like what I’m currently doing right now,
  • Access to mine and Jim’s “diary”
  • Producer powers for our podcast
  • Live access when we record some podcast episodes
  • And this year: Monthly Masterclasses with special guests!!

Building a community like this made me remember how fun it was to keep writing and sharing even if for just the handful of people who actually care.

And this community is also why I re-launched my blog. You guys really make me happy 🙂

Thank you again!! Looking forward to more moments with you in 2021 and beyond!


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