Dolomite Snow | My Top Nine Moments of 2020

Jan, 01, 2021

I’m not even going to bother trying to get my Top Nine posts on Instagram, I know it’ll just be a grid of Pancho and Vito photos. Haha. So what I’ll do instead is try to look back on the globally horrible year that was and pick out the nicest moments I can think of.

It’s hard not to cringe when I get ~Biver~ messages from well-meaning titas and titos about how 2020 was actually the best year because we learned to overcome it/be resilient/etc. Ack. And what about those who lost their livelihoods and their loved ones? 🙁

Once again, I remind myself that these people mean well and just want to deliver a message of hope. With this blog post, I hope to do the same without seeming tone-deaf. I fully acknowledge that 2020 WAS A SHIT YEAR. But I also know that horrible things can and will continue to happen regardless of the 4-digit number we write down after each month and day. At the same time, meaningful moments will also always happen especially if you look out for them.

A year is just a parentheses enclosing a collection of moments within a twelve-month period. Closing that parentheses last night felt like we finally caught our breath after a very long-winded run-on sentence that didn’t make sense at all!!

As we open a new parentheses for 2021, I’d like to pick out key moments in the previous one that still made sense – at least for me.

Here’s the first one:

DOLOMITE SNOW: A Wake Up With Jim & Saab Christmas Station ID

It’s our third year celebrating Christmas with our Wake Up With Jim & Saab podcast listeners and we thought of creating a station ID because… I don’t know either… That’s just the kind of thing we do, I guess. LOL. It was Jim’s brilliant idea to make one and we wrote the song that same night, had our best friend Candy “Voice Of An Angel” Gamos (lol) record it, asked our Patreon podkids to send in some video clips, and shot some awkward footage during our Cheats farm trip (that’s another key moment!!).

The chorus goes:

This Christmas, gumising na tayo /

This pasko, mag-Wake Up na tayo /

Even if mabagsakan ng Dolomite Snow /

Mag-mañanita pa rin tayo /

`Di maka-canceledt ating pasko.

Sheer poetry… *chef’s kiss*

Another notable line and its annotations:

Nandyan Snow, Barat yan pala

John Snow… Baratheon pala… Jim thought of this. Makes no sense but, damn, it’s good wordplay, I guess.

This station ID was aired during our Podkids Paskuhan virtual Christmas party and it was received very well hahaha. Of course the Christmas party is part of my highlights too especially since some of my faves graced the event with their video greetings.

These are just a few people you can expect to guest on the show for the new year! Woohoo!

Check back tomorrow as I share another one of my Top Nine moments of 2020!

P.S. Check out what the critics are saying about Dolomite Snow:



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    January 1, 2021

    Ganda ng Dolomite Snow!!!! HAHAHAHA Pero the best si JBhie, I guess Jim’s acting / roleplaying sa older WUWJAS episodes paid off :))

    • Reply


      January 3, 2021

      Always stealing my thunder… CHEKA!! Hahaha

  2. Reply


    January 2, 2021

    Now ko lang nagets ung “barat yan pala” part. Hahaha.

    Looove reading your entries podmom. 💛

    • Reply


      January 3, 2021

      Grabe noh… Jim’s brain… Hahahahahahaha

  3. Reply


    January 2, 2021

    Ang ganda ng parenthesis analogy! I just love the way you think, podmom 💙

    Super excited to read the rest of your top nine moments and for the upcoming WUWJS guests!

    P.S. hanggang ngayon LSS pa rin ako sa rap part ng Dolomite Snow haha

    • Reply


      January 3, 2021

      WAHAHAHA thank you!!

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