Finding Fitness | My Top Nine Moments of 2020

Jan, 04, 2021

I’ve never been this fit in my life. I never would have thought I’d find myself being strongest at 32 years old with 2 kids. But I guess it makes sense:

  • Play with my boys a lot.
  • Changed up my eating habits since what I eat is passed through breastfeeding
  • Found a workout routine that actually works for me!

I went through loving and hating my body in college and beyond. I tried to lose pounds quickly by following fad diets, and throughout all of these trends, nothing ever quite stuck.

I finally “cracked the code” when I found the right answer to “WHY?”

College me:

Why am I doing this? So that I can lose weight. Why? So I can look good. Why? So people won’t have anything bad to say about me. Why? Because people can be mean. Why? Because… Ewan. Labo.

So, gets niyo ba… Most of the time nababalik ako sa “eh bahala sila wala akong pake!!” so I’ll just binge eat and hello di ako magwoworkout for evil people noh!! LOL.

Me now:

Why am I doing this? Because I want to get fit. Why? So I can play with my kids. Why? Because I love them. Gets.

I’m grateful that my kids keep me motivated. Pancho and Vito are 14 and 12.5 kilos respectively and they LOVE being carried!

A lot of the time, when I’m carrying Pancho, Vito will run to me and demand to be carried too. I don’t do it too much though – my poor back!! But OMG how can you resist these two??

I got a message from Coach Andre of Fitnessmobil some time in May while in quarantine. At the start of the lockdown, I was doing yoga a lot but I somehow stopped for a month when I got his message. It was an invitation to try a one-on-one personal training session via Zoom. Weird, right? But I gave it a shot and since then, I haven’t skipped a workout.

We train virtually twice a week and it’s just been the best decision I made to reply to that message I got. Coach Andre is such a professional and straight to the point which is exactly what I like in a trainer. He explains why the moves are important and why bending my knees just ever so slightly will make a huge difference in the effectivity of the move.

Here’s a photo of me with my WHYs before their morning nap which is when I squeeze in my workouts!

I feel like my whole journey fitness should get a different blog post lol. Consider this an intro, I guess.

If you’re curious about Fitnessmobil, you can contact them thru Instagram. Jim and I are also offering a free Work Out With Jim & Saab session for our patrons HAHA it’s this Saturday, January 9. If you haven’t already signed up on Patreon, click here and get the perks while contributing to charity! We’ve got a lot of surprises lined up for this month 🙂



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    January 5, 2021

    YAAASSS it’s not all about losing weight, noh? That’s also what I discovered when I finally found the right workout that I enjoy kahit na sobrang pagod after – indoor cycling!! Grabe when the endorphins hit after!! Plus it really helped me mentally. I used to do it “after” shift in BGC since malapit lang sa office yung studio tapos since may energy ako after I go back to the office and work pa HAHAHAHA.

    That’s one thing I really miss cause walang malapit na cycling studio where I live and if ever there was, ngayong may COVID I definitely would have stopped going. I actually got my own indoor bike as a Christmas gift for myself!!

    Anywaaayyy – going back to you LOL – how was your cycling experience with the online class you did with Globe!? Hindi ko kasi napanood ng live! 😛

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      January 5, 2021

      Hi Mayee!!! Yes, di talaga sya para lang mag lose ng weight!! Oh wow, an indoor bike!! Peloton ba yan?? Hahaha. Sobrang hanash nun, have you seen the controversial commercial for that? Haha! If it *is* a Peloton, OKAY BA SYA?? Wahaha.

      Going back to me: di ko pa talaga kayang maki-level sa classes!! In theory, and in my head it’s suuuuper fun like I wanna do the moves and the music is so fun, but my butt just hurts the day after?? Maybe I have the settings wrong?! Hahaha.

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    January 6, 2021

    I really enjoy watching/reading about other people’s fitness journey <3 while I am still struggling to find the right workout routine for me – I've noticed tho that the common denominator is the "it's just NOT about losing weight anymore" *changed * mindset. I've tried different fad diets / workout routines for the past years as well (I'm only 24!!) but what made me lose A LOT of weight is my stress; I've developed panic & anxiety attacks which was aggravated by this pandemic, PH government, police brutality and many more!! I lost 13kg – and it really wasn't healthy, I was always dizzy and panicky etc., but I am doing much better now. That experience tho made me rethink my diet & lifestyle. It is true!! It's not about losing weight anymore, yes I wanna look good and feel good & be healthy so I can take care of my loved ones. ((I actually inquired on Fitnessmobil's IG acct – I couldn't make myself to commit just yet!! HUHU))


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      January 8, 2021

      Oh wow 13kg!! It’s good to hear you are doing better now, I hope you continue taking care of yourself!! Thank you so much and yes, I agree #REGISTERTOVOTE para mabawas-bawasan naman ang mga nakaka-stress dyan!!! Looool

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    January 7, 2021

    Hi, Saab!! OMG hindi Peloton binili ko kasi ang mahal nya hahaha. I’ve seen that commercial pero di ko alam ganun pala kalala yung reactions LOL. Dami ngang hanash ng Peloton kasi now parang partner na nila si Beyonce tapos may Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes cheverlu pa!! I found a good and much cheaper alternative – MYXFitness bike 🙂

    When I first joined cycling classes, it took me about 3-4 rides before getting the hang of it! It’s totally normal na masakit yung pwet after HAHAHAHA

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